Are you ready to design and activate your best year yet?

Juggling a career, family and other commitments, or transitioning through other life changes, can look so effortless when some women do it.

Yet how do some women thrive, while others appear to remain stuck in constant cycles of struggle for long periods of time?

In short, I don’t have all the answers, and I too am on a continued learning journey. But I do know having a strong team by your side can make all the difference, and I have a passion and commitment to provide a level of support that I trust will help you manage your journey in a more fulfilling way.

As a result of my coaching journey, I have discovered ways to enrich my life and achieve more balance. I have committed to change and to achieving my goals – goals that I have learnt are possible now, or sooner than initially thought.
— Jenny, School Teacher

I want to invite you to stop…

  • Feeling lonely trying to navigate your transitions on your own
  • Wishing you had a realistic role model you could turn to for answers
  • Thinking that because you can’t afford top-end solutions that you don’t have any options
  • Relying on your employer to propose the options you have for your career going forward.

And start…

  • Connecting with and learning from other women who get what you’re going through
  • Getting clear on what you truly want this phase of your life to look like - not what everyone else wants
  • Exploring the full range of options you have available to you
  • Crafting and proactively approaching your world with the life plan you want to manifest.

That’s why I created my Coaching Accountability Groups.

 Aleisha Coote - Certified Coach - Auckland, New Zealand

My name is Aleisha Coote and I offer authentic peer support for aspiring women looking to balance career, family and other commitments with clarity and confidence.

Here's how: 12 months, 10 individual goals, 6 aspiring women, meeting once a fortnight online to design and activate their best year yet. 

My Coaching Accountability Groups bring together small groups of driven women to discuss the honest challenges of balancing career, family and other life commitments. 

Together, we'll get you clear on what you truly want in this next chapter of your life, and support you to develop the mindset, skills and plans to confidently take charge of  what it is you want to achieve.



If you'd like to learn more about joining one of my Coaching Accountability Groups, please send me a message using the form below.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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My coaching sessions gave me clarity around my self perception, life choices and direction. I discovered great reference points to assist me in shifting my thinking and beliefs. Aleisha also held me accountable for my results, which I thrived on and loved.
— Kate, Hospitality
Her myriad of skills have supported me to dig deeper than I ever thought I could, to create transformational changes in my life. Following my coaching journey, I am much happier within myself and I now get to experience success, pride, and contentment more easily and effortlessly.
— Ainsley, Business Owner
Aleisha really listens and there’s no judgement. I felt supported and challenged at the same time. I have a different way of thinking about things now and am a lot happier, stronger and have more self-belief and self-worth.
— Sandra, IT Analyst

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